Common Errors with EAs

In this section you will find the solution to the most common errors when installing and using an Expert Advisor (EA).

  • EA is Not Showing Up on the Chart: If the EA is not visible on the chart, it might not be attached to the chart correctly. To resolve this, make sure you’ve added the EA to the chart by dragging it from the Navigator window onto the chart.

  • EA is Not Working: All our EAs are verified monthly, if it does not work it is due to an installation error (make sure to activate autotrading and that it is shown in green as well as to check the option “Allow DLL imports” and “Allow automated trading”) Click here to see a step-by-step video on how to install an EA.

  • I can’t see my EA in Navigator: If your Expert Advisor (EA) is not showing in the Navigator panel in MetaTrader 4 (MT4), it’s possible that you need to click the plus button to expand the list of EAs or you have not correctly installed the EA in the “Experts” section of your MT4 terminal.

  • EA is not placing trades: If the EA does not open operations may be due to 3 things, the first is an error in the installation (See Video Here), the second is an incompatibility with your Broker (It is necessary to use the recommended configuration in the description of all our products) and the last is the operation of the robot, many robots base their operations on volatility and low risk so they wait for the best opportunities for entry or when volatility is sufficient, so we recommend you wait up to 48 hours.
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