Why trade Perps over Spot?

If you’re wondering, “Why trade Perps over Spot?”—well, buckle up because we’re diving into the juicy details of this trading adventure. Perpetual swaps, or Perps for the cool kids in the trading world, are like the rockstars of the crypto-trading universe, and trading them can be a wild ride.

First off, let’s talk about the main attraction: leverage, baby! Perps offer this mind-bending ability to amplify your trades. With spot trading, you’re using your own money to buy and sell, which is cool and all, but with Perps, you’re basically borrowing funds to supercharge your trades. It’s like having a turbo boost for your trading account. You can enter the trading arena with a smaller amount and potentially score big wins. Leverage, my friend, is the spice of life in the trading game.

Now, let’s hit the throttle on liquidity. Perps often boast higher liquidity compared to spot markets. This means you can enter and exit positions more easily, even with large amounts. Plus, the competition among traders in Perp markets tends to keep spreads tight, so you don’t end up bleeding cash on hefty spreads. It’s like the difference between a packed, buzzing party and a quiet night in. Perps are where the action’s at.

But hold on, we’re not done yet. Flexibility is another feather in the cap of Perps. You can short like a boss, profiting from price drops, without the limitations of traditional spot trading.

So, to answer the age-old question, “Why trade Perps over Spot?”—well, the trifecta of leverage, liquidity, and flexibility in Perps makes it a no-brainer for traders seeking an adrenaline-fueled, high-octane trading experience. It’s like trading on steroids, minus the health risks. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?

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